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Community Support

“I am a single mother of two girls… Something needs to be done about the greediness of this company. Rhode Islanders are tired of it.”
– Anonymous, East Providence

“As a child my single mother had trouble paying our electric bill on a regular basis and every time it got shut off it was traumatizing. RI has a homelessness problem, [rate hike] is just going to add to systematic oppression that is continuing to make the problem worse.”
– Samson Hampton, Providence

“I have two special needs kids and I have serious medical problems. We go without food to cover our utilities.”
– Dawn Souza, North Kingstown

“...I really think the electric company don’t care about people. They care about making people pay that can’t and they harass me. Threats that if I don’t come up with money they will turn me off knowing I’m on disability…National Grid is the only electric company and they know they can treat people bad because you need their service. Not fair to the people struggling.”
– Erik VanHise, Woonsocket

“Now, i am widowed and on a fixed income. I have health challenges and medical expenses. I manage to pay but i am behind on the gas bill in spite of receiving liheap. People cannot live without the basic need of heat and light.”

– Mary Bouley

“Frequently, day to day, we see folks coming in who between rent and their utilities are sometimes paying upwards of 60-70% of their gross monthly income before any other cost of living expenses,” 
– Kevin McElroy, UpriseRI

“our electric was shut off and could not keep [my husband’s] insulin cold and my daughter could not study or have clean clothes for school.”

– Susan Baker, Pawtucket

“I have to pick the lights and gas or my husband’s health.”

– Julie Lamoth

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