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Contact your State representatives

RI state legislators

  • This link will allow you to write to your House and Senate directly. Use what pops up on your screen or modify the text. Using your own words is most convincing but not necessary. Please do what works for you.
  • If you prefer to call your reps go to site: 

  • Put your address in the "Search by Address" box. Click and what you need should pop up.

Contacting the RI Governor is important too. Lack of support from that office can be deadly!

Governor Daniel McKee: 

Example Scripts: 

1) "My name is [STATE YOUR NAME HERE]. I live in your district in at [RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS].
As your constituent, I would like to support House Bill #2023--5847 (Senate Bill 0518) , The Percentage of Income Home Energy Affordability Act (PIPP). Please urge your colleagues to pass Bill 2023--5847 (Senate Bill 0518) this session!
Your leadership could make the difference in bringing PIPP to a vote on the floor so that it can pass this year. We need your support to pass this bill because it would make a difference for many of your constituents, including myself.
(Share story about why PIPP is needed)
Thank you for your support, (Leave your phone number)"

​2) “Hello, this is [YOUR NAME] from [TOWN]. I'm calling the governor to ask him to use his authority to provide real utility relief to Rhode Islanders. He should restore anyone who is currently living without gas, water, or electricity. For long term relief, the governor needs to immediately implement a Percentage Income Payment Plan so that low-income people can pay affordable bills. "

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